As a full-service production and post-production facility, Stonestreet Studios rents space to industry professionals during non-class hours. Our facilities encompass the 8th and 5th floors of the building, and are comprised of several work studios, a soundstage, a casting room, a forty-five seat audience, a video control room, two post-production editing rooms, and a light/sound booth cabled to a grid in each studio.

All studios are equipped with 42-inch plasma screens for instant playback. In addition, Studio 8-A has a high-definition projector with a 100-inch screen for screening purposes (available at $250 per hour).

Please contact the Managing Director at (212) 229-0020 or for more information.

Stage: 30 feet x 18 feet 8 inches
Seating: 32 feet x 9 feet

$250 per hour with studio lights
$150 per hour with fluorescent lights

Studio 8-A contains forty-five raked seats facing a stage with dimensions of 16 ft. by 30 ft. The ceiling is approximately 11.5 ft. high. The stage contains a full light grid and is controlled by a 48 dimmer board from the light booth. The stage can be viewed directly or by a video camera attached to the grid. The cameras are Sony DXC327s mounted on Sachtler Pedestals and cabled to the Video Control Room.

Dimensions: 29 feet 4 inches x 16 feet 11 inches

$100 per hour with studio lights (two-hour minimum)
$75 per hour with fluorescent lights (two-hour minimum)

Studio 8-B is a sound-secure room with dimensions of 17 ft. by 30 ft. The stage contains a full light grid controlled by a 48 dimmer board from the light booth. A variety of 9 ft. background papers hang from rollers on the grid, including blue screen and green screen backgrounds, as well as hand-painted motifs. The camera is a Sony DXC3000a mounted on a Sachtler Pedestal and cabled to a rack in the room, as well as patchable to the Video Control Room. The rack also includes a DVD Recorder Deck.

Dimensions: 22 feet x 18 feet

$75 per hour (two-hour minimum)

Studio 8-C is a casting room and photo studio containing a light grid, 9 ft. background papers on rollers.

Dimensions: 14 feet x 10 feet

Dressing room on the 8th floor.

Dimensions: 35 feet x 28 feet

$200 per hour (two-hour minimum)

Studio 5-A is Stonestreet's largest studio, measuring about 35 feet wide and taking up the entire length of the building. It is a large open space with one column, currently being remodeled for classroom use, but available now as a production or meeting space. Studios 5-B and 5-C

$75 per hour (two hour minimum) for either 5-B or 5-C
$200 per hour (two hour minimum) for the entire fifth floor complex, including the common area and office

Studios 5-B and 5-C face West 21st Street. Each room contains a Sony DVD Recorder, Mackie Mixer, and Panasonic DVX100B Mini-DV Cameras. Studios 5-B and 5-C are attached to the Blue Room Lounge on 5, which contains two computers connected to the Internet, several couches and tables, a kitchen, and an office with a telephone, computer, Internet access and printing capabilities.

STUDIOS 5-B and 5-C
Dimensions of 5-B: 24 feet x 16.5 feet
Dimensions of 5-C: 23.5 feet x 15.5 feet

$75 per hour (two-hour minimum)

Studios 5-B and 5-C are studios with lots of northern light. They each contain a large HD LCD monitor on a stand and lights.

The Post Production Room on the 5th floor contains two editing bays, each with a full Final Cut Pro Studio Editing System, for both picture and sound editing. The 8th floor houses an additional Final Cut Pro Studio editing system.

A Post Production console is available for rental at a half-day rate of $300. You must use our editor (additional $125 for the half day). "Half-day" is equivalent to four or less hours. The total half-day rate therefore is $450. You may contact Stonestreet to discuss discounts for consecutive day rentals of our post rooms. In the event that the client wishes Stonestreet to become involved with editing and other creative decisions (in addition to the normal input provided by our digital editor), we impose a $1,200 fee per editing day.

These fees are in addition to the above room rates. Call for rates.

If a client wishes to utilize the Video Control Room, he or she is required to hire our Control Room Operator at a day rate of $250, which includes up to 9 hours (with a one-hour lunch break). After 9 hours, the Control Room Operator can be hired at $50 per hour. If the Control Room Operator is needed for less than 9 hours, he or she can be hired for $60 per hour (with a four-hour minimum).