Use of Stonestreet's studio facilities is integral to our students' study of screen acting. What follows is a brief description of each of our studio rooms and how they are used in the classroom setting. For a more specific, technical description of each room, as well as our post-production facilities, please see the "Studio and Equipment Rental Rates" section.

Stage: 30 feet x 18 feet 8 inches
Seating: 32 feet x 9 feet

Studio 8-A is a soundstage, complete with a basic set, two playback screens, three cameras cabled to a control room, and raked audience seats. Our students use this space in their multi-camera classes, learning the vocabulary and movement required to work on a professional soundstage, as in daytime drama or many sitcoms. Since the cameras are cabled to the control room, Studio 8-A also allows for live editing of students' scene work, which is typical in the fast-paced multi-camera world. The control room can also instantly play back the edited scenes for students to critique and study during class, and all work is taped for students to study after class or later at home.

Dimensions: 29 feet 4 inches x 16 feet 11 inches

Studio 8-B is our most sound-secure room. It is a virtually blank space containing various set pieces and props, as well as a playback screen and camera. Many character development and screen study classes are held in this room, allowing students to transform the blank space as needed for their characters. This is an important element of screen acting - often, with the camera in a close-up, all the viewer sees is the character's face; our students learn to pull from the environment they create, bringing the character's world into the body and face of the character for the viewer to appreciate. All scenes and monologues are taped: students in the audience watch the playback screen and learn from what the camera captures as the scene/monologue is delivered, and all students can study their own work after class or later at home.

Dimensions: 22 feet x 18 feet

Studio 8-C contains abundant natural light, streaming in from north-facing windows. As such, it is utilized in many of our classes, especially those concerning audition technique. Our students always work on-camera, with playback simultaneously viewed by their classmates, to learn how to operate without the distraction or aid of studio lighting - as is typical of most audition scenarios in the professional world.

Dimensions: 14 feet x 10 feet

The Green Room contains several computers connected to the Internet, a printer, a copier, two DVD burner decks, and a large-scale paper cutter. These items permit students to play back and study their taped class work, research scripts and other information online, print or make copies of material, burn DVDs of their class work (for later study at home, personal posterity, or use in a reel), and/or format their headshots and resumes for personal auditions and the weekly Showcase Class. The Green Room also serves as an audition preparation, rehearsal, or relaxing space.

Dimensions: 35 feet x 28 feet

Studio 5-A is our largest and newest studio, taking up the entire width of the building on the 5th floor. It is currently used by our students in Stonestreet II, III, and IV as a production space for web series and short film shoots. We are in the process of remodeling the space for classroom use.

STUDIOS 5-B and 5-C
Dimensions of 5-B: 24 feet x 16.5 feet
Dimensions of 5-C: 23.5 feet x 15.5 feet

Studios 5-B and 5-C are nearly identical in setup - both contain a camera and large playback screen, and both have large, north-facing windows providing lots of natural light, in addition to studio lights. Both rooms are utilized for various classes, with and without studio lighting. The instant playback ability is ideal for development of a student's screen craft, as well as for in-class peer critique and feedback.

The lounge contains two computers connected to the Internet and several tables and couches for students & guests to use during class hours to rehearse in or as a space in which to relax.

Studio 8-A

Studio 8-B

Studio 8-C

Green Room on 8

Studio 5-A

Studio 5-B

Studio 5-C

Blue Room Lounge on 5